From Rome, With Love

Cooper’s Hawk Founder Tim McEnery fell in love with Rome’s famed Piccolo Buco pizzeria on a trip to Italy and was determined to bring it to guests and Wine Club Members in the US. Collaborating with Chef Luca Issa, we are debuting this new style of Neapolitan pizza in Oakbrook.

“Liz and I researched the best pizza in Italy and Piccolo Buco was at the top of our list to visit,” says McEnery. “It’s a charming spot just steps away from the Trevi Fountain in Rome. I was blown away by the presentation and the taste. It was beautifully crafted with fresh, simple ingredients and looked nothing like any pizza I had ever seen. This is Chef Luca’s pizza recipe he’s perfected over many years. It’s truly an honor to share it.”

Chef Luca’s unique pie features a tall, crown-like crust that is crisp on the outside and soft and airy on the inside. The extraordinary look and crave-able taste are the result of high-quality ingredients including imported Italian flour, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) that was awarded 97 points by the 2016 Flos Olei Guide to the world’s best olive oils!

Watch the video to learn about how Piccolo was discovered!

A New Perspective on Pizza


Meet Luca Issa

Born and raised in the shadow of the Trevi Fountain, Luca Issa is a young restaurateur who has always been in the world of Roman gastronomy. From a young age he worked in his father's business, taking over in 2015. “I am excited to introduce a new style of pizza to one of the greatest cities in America.” According to Chef Luca you MUST use scissors to cut the pizza so you “don’t flatten the beautiful crust!”

The best High Quality Ingredients

Every ingredient we use in our kitchen has been meticulously sourced from Italy and around the world to ensure we are working with the best products we can find. Our signature dough uses the finest ingredients: two types of flour, special monocultivar extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt. From the tomatoes in our sauces which are sourced from 3rd generation farmers in Puglia to Luca's grandmother's spicy salumi recipe made by an artisan salumi maker in Chicago, our heart goes into every detail on the plate.

Pizza & Wine

A slice of pizza and a good glass of wine are inarguably one of life’s most sublime pleasures. At Piccolo Buco, we make the very most of this magnificent pairing by offering a broad wine list to complement our menu.

Cooper’s Hawk Wines provides the foundation for our wine list, rounded out by everyday Italian wines such as light Lambruscos or Frascatis. For those feeling indulgent, gorgeous high-end Italian wines, including cult Super Tuscans and splurge-worthy Barolos!

Olive Oil

Our finishing olive oil used on our pizza is an award-winning oil consistently featured in Guide to Italy’s Top EVOO, including being awarded 97 points in 2016 Flos Olei Guide to the world’s best olive oils.

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